Peru beats Mexico on dried mango export returns

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Peru beats Mexico on dried mango export returns

Peruvian dried mango exports are fetching better prices than their Mexican counterparts in key destination markets, website reported.

The story reported the Peruvian dried fruit was selling for between US$6-10 per kg (2.2lbs) while Mexican dried mangoes were stuck at around the US$6 per kg mark.

Procesos Agroindustriales general manager Luis Llanos, said this was because the mangoes were organic and dehydrated using hot air to evaporate the water to keep the fruit's flavor.

He added the fruit had a similar taste to South African dried mangoes because the same processes were used.

"We buy directly from farmers without intermediaries, and depending on the type of mango we pay 25 to 30 US cents per kilo," he was quoted as saying.

Although Procesos Agroindustriales grow their own mangoes, because of high demand they have had to source more fresh produce from other farmers in Chulucanas, Motupe, Olmos, Patanguilla, Virú and Casma.

"We have bought fruit that is not exported, which may not be sold in the local market due to the degree of maturation," he said.

Exports of the dried fruit go to the U.S., U.K., Japan, China and Germany.

Procesos Agroindustriales was set up three years ago but is already next to Sunshine Export in terms of volumes of dried mango exports.

This year the company expects to increase dried mango production by 25%, while last year it exported 170MT.


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