Peru expects mango price hike in 2012 -

Peru expects mango price hike in 2012

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Peru expects mango price hike in 2012

Peru's export promotion commission has forecast mango prices could increase by 70% this season, following a shorter supply brought on by this year's alternating bearing, website reported.

Promperu agro-industry department coordinator William Arteaga Donayre, says prices for Peruvian mangoes, asparagus and avocados have already risen significantly in recent weeks.

Arteaga Donayre points out the high prices have nothing to do with any kind of bonanza in the face of the U.S. economic crisis, but has more to do with the counterseason.

The National Mango Board's (NMB) latest crop report highlights that combined Peruvian and Ecuadorian mango shipments to the U.S. fell 2% last week on the previous week.

Peru sent 715,402 boxes of mangoes to the U.S. last week, and is expected to send 752,578 boxes and 687,943 boxes in the next two weeks respectively.

The crop report shows that Peruvian Kent mangoes achieved price increases across the board on entry in Philadelphia (4.3%), south Florida (8.4%) and southern California (2%).

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