Heavy rains set to cut back Peruvian mango exports

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Heavy rains set to cut back Peruvian mango exports

The Association of Peruvian Mango Producers and Exporters (APEM) has forecast total season exports could fall by up to 10% due to heavy rains in key growing areas.

In a release, the association said the previously estimated export total of 63,000 metric tons (MT) could be reduced down to 56,700MT.

"The industry has activated its plans to prevent the eclosion of diseases, fungi and insects that could affect the quality of our export fruits," the release said.

However, APEM manager Juan Carlos Rivera told website Gestion.pe the rain had put between 10,000-15,000MT of export mangoes at risk.

"In Piura rains are hampering the collection and shipment of mangoes to the packing plants, because road access in growing areas has been damaged, jeopardizing both quality and meeting deliveries with clients abroad," he was quoted as saying.

"Several hectares of fruit and rice farms have been flooded in Lambayeque. In Ica as well there has been rivers overflowing, which has affected various crops, and it's the same in Arequipa.

"Last year we exported 130,000MT but this year it was going to fall by half, and if rains in the north are prolonged then we'll only export around 55,000MT.

National Mango Board (NMB) figures show Peru's mango arrivals in the U.S. last week fell by 13%, with expectations of 687,943 boxes this week and 461,468 boxes next week.

Peruvian mango prices increased in most U.S. ports, with the exception of Philadelphia where the price fell by 10.5%.

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