Panama to regulate pesticides in 2015 -

Panama to regulate pesticides in 2015

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Panama to regulate pesticides in 2015

The Panaman Government will regulate pesticide use from the start of 2015 as a response to the demands of North American and European markets, website reported.

A regulation pilot program will begin in 2012-13 to prepare producers from different provinces for the new measures.

Ministry of Agricultural Development plant health director Emeris Quintero, told the website the measures would help Panama bank on the global boom for organic products.

He said the move was also prompted by the finding of pesticide traces on some of the country's bananas, watermelons, melons and pineapples, motivated not just by international markets but the health of domestic consumers.

Adaptation away from pesticide use would be heavily focused on the Chiriquí province, with its high altitude and highly productive soils.

Quintero added that terrestrial spray application, unlike aerial spraying, was still not regulated in Panama, and reduced the country's agricultural competitiveness.

Photo: Panama America

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