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U.S.: Walmart launches 'Women in Factories' empowerment program

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U.S.: Walmart launches 'Women in Factories' empowerment program

U.S. retailer Walmart has launched a five-year empowerment program for women in factories that supply its products, in India, Bangladesh, China and Central America.

A company release said the 'Women in Factories' program would be in conjunction with local NGOs, teaching life skills related to communication, hygiene, reproductive health, occupational health and safety.

The program also aims to help women identify personal strengths and gender sensitivity, with 8,000 women set to receive leadership training to develop the work and life skills necessary for personal and career development.

Walmart Ethical Sourcing vice president Rajan Kamalanathan says there is perhaps no issue more essential to global progress than the progress of women.

"Through this program, women in the supply chain will receive the education and training they need to achieve greater success in their jobs and live a better life.

"We are proud to partner with local NGOs to implement this innovative program and provide new opportunities for the people and communities that are involved in the global supply chain."

The program will start this year in Bangladesh and India, and is expected to span 150 factories over the five-year period.


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