Australia calls on Taiwan to keep cherry cold treatment protocol

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Australia calls on Taiwan to keep cherry cold treatment protocol

Taiwan quarantine officials have threatened to close off the option of cold treatment for Australian cherry exporters, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported.

Cherry Growers Australia CEO Simon Boughey told the broadcaster the cold treatment is a good option for growers to have, but they haven't used it during the last two years due to poor crop results.

"We've been informed that if we don’t send any fruit over there this year using that option, that option is actually going to be closed off," he said.

"What we're trying to do is point out to them that it's not because growers don't want to send fruit, it's the weather that's been the deciding factor on whether we send high quality fruit into Taiwan or we don't send any fruit at all.

"I know one of the storage facilities approved last year were all ready to go and then they got their whole crop wiped out."

He says the weather will determine if Australian cherry exporters choose to use the cold treatment option this year, which would mean the protocol stays in place.

"I’m sure the growers in New South Wales will be hoping for an excellent season, because the last two have been pretty average," he says.

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