Peru poised to explore new mandarin markets

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Peru poised to explore new mandarin markets

Mandarins have become one of Peru's most popular international exports making it the country's flagship citrus fruit. Peru's Citrus Growers Association (ProCitrus) general manager Serio del Castillo, tells that quality and a reputation as a reliable supplier has helped give the industry a competitive edge over other sources.

Del Castillo says the main export destinations are currently the U.K., the U.S. and Canada but the industry was also studying other openings.

"We are currently working on new markets that we believe have potential such as Asia, Russia and Mexico. Alongside this, we are working on phytosanitary access to Japan, Korea and Brazil, which in future may represent good citrus opportunities."

He adds that Peruvian mandarin exports have recovered from a delayed start to the season due to poor weather that affected ripening and fruit pigmentation.

He highlights that thanks to the greening process, mandarin oranges are more available now than ever before.

Exports this season are forecast to show a 10% rise on 2011's figures of 39,652 metric tons (MT) of mandarins and 26,671MT of tangelos.

Since 2009, shipments of mandarins and tangelos have doubled thanks to Peru's high standards and favorable weather conditions, making this citrus fruit a star performer.

Mandarins account for 84% of the country's citrus exports followed by oranges at 13% and lemons at 3%.

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