Greenscans launches multi-purpose produce app

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Greenscans launches multi-purpose produce app

For the fresh produce consumer, finding something convenient and useful amongst the maze of smartphone apps can be a burdensome task. You may have a recipe app that gives you creative and healthy ideas for the kitchen, but you need to open a different one to compare costs and make sure you're under budget. A new product launched by North Carolina-based Greenscans aims to cut out that complexity and enrich the shopping experience with an app that brings together a wide range of services under the one roof. CEO Paul Engelman tells there is nothing else like this on the market.

Engelman points out produce has more information than other foods that consumers would want to know, but lacks the same 'real estate' for messages as packaged groceries such as cereals.

"On our app the top area of the screen screen answers what has been known for years as the top questions people ask about produce - what is it? Where did it come from? Who grew it? What did it taste like? How do I choose it? How do I prepare it? What is the nutritional information?"

Consumers can simply scan barcodes on their fruit and veggies to see key information about the produce they may buy, with the PLU code, a description of the fruit, and four main tabs - 'Taste, Choose, Prepare, Nourish'.

Below this there are more tabs to enhance the consumer's experience, as well as the marketing clout of companies that wish to participate by showing videos, certifications, awards, answering FAQs or providing other information.

"We are delivering what amounts to a custom mobile application for a product-by-product basis, we identify the product, and we provide for the growers literally unlimited categories and input areas; places to deliver these multiple messages like health information, is it organic? Is it non-GMO?

Click here to download the app and here to test it out.

Engelman says a handful of growers are involved with the app at the moment including Chelan Fresh, as well as a retailer that will be announced in the coming weeks.

The app is available for all perishable barcodes, including GS1 Databar, UPC, EAN and QR codes. All product information is provided by the grower, shipper or marketing company and can be updated at their frequency level.

Fresh growers and marketers can now connect their existing digital content in a mobile environment delivering to the consumer while they are in the produce department.

Engelman said the product has been launched in North America and would likely be expanding its reach to further horizons in the future.

"We had our official launch in the U.S. We have our eyes on Europe once we get the ball rolling in the United States, and we've already made steps in Europe. We've made contacts in Australia but that's just contact."

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