South Africa anticipates good season for mango production

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South Africa anticipates good season for mango production

South Africa should have strong mango production this season, although distribution will remain mostly local.

South Africa forecasts 60,000 metric tons (MT) of mango production this year, said Rudolf Badenhorst, market development and information director of the Subtropical Growers Association of South Africa (Subtrop).

Although it is a slightly smaller crop than last year's, Badenhorst said output should be satisfactory and quality for December's harvest was looking good at this stage.

Badenhorst said most production would stay local but India and China showed export potential, adding to the small volumes already shipped to the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

South Africa has had difficulty expanding on the international market, having been driven out of Europe by a more appealing Peru.

Around 70% of the South African crop will be of the Tommy Atkins, Kent or Keitt varieties.

Badenhorst has pushed for transparency in the mango industry and has been an organizer in bringing together mango producers from across the globe for better communication and trade coordination.

This Oct. 28, Badenhorst will meet with others in the mango industry at the Produce Marketing Association (PMA)'s Fresh Summit conference in Anaheim, California.

The meeting seeks to get the ball rolling on the Mango Marketing Promotions and Information Working Group (MMPI), which will begin as a round robin of e-mails between group members to share industry information and stay connected internationally. It seeks to become an information-sharing channel to disseminate production information, market data and areas of growth.

He said so far the group had membership from the United States, Ecuador, Peru, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico and the U.S. National Mango Board.

To become involved in MMPI, e-mail Badenhorst at

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