New brand name for Oppenheimer Group

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New brand name for Oppenheimer Group

The Oppenheimer Group has decided to officially brand itself under its common moniker 'Oppy' as the produce distributor looks to freshen up its image.

CEO John Anderson told the move was not an official name change but a "brand evolution" that the team had been reflecting on for some time.

"Our friends have called us ‘Oppy’ for a long time, and the name has started to stick. To us, it feels more nimble and flexible than The Oppenheimer Group, and perhaps characterizes us better," he said.

"Oppy signifies our fresh approach to the way we do business – cultivating great ideas and great partnerships. One way we are achieving that is by putting a great deal of energy into simplifying our supply chain via the use of technology, for example.

"We are excited about changing things for the better by introducing new ideas and creating new efficiencies. We have an appetite for new opportunities."

While many know the company as one of the oldest in the business, Anderson said the company was more interested in staying at the forefront.

"Our singular objective of delivering on our brand promise continues to drive everything we do.

"I can’t remember a time when I was more excited about the future of our organization."

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