Ecuador announces thornless blackberry variety

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Ecuador announces thornless blackberry variety

Ecuador's Autonomous Agricultural Research Institute (INIAP) will release a new, thornless blackberry variety this year under the name Iniap Andimora.Sin-espinas-mora-fruto-noticia-300x212

The variety has the advantage of easy postharvest management, since it does not require additional protection and will not become damaged at harvest time, the company said in a press release.

The Andimora variety also has high output and contains high concentrations of sugar.

According to the INIAP fruit technician, Aníbal Martínez, one of the blackberry plants produces 3,000 fruit during its production cycle, which equates to 20 to 24 tons (MT) per hectare.

The company release added that beyond benefits for fresh consumption, the berry is also ideal for processing.

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