Australian fertilizer company contests strict organic standards

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Australian fertilizer company contests strict organic standards

Australia's Nutri-Tech Solutions says organic product approval is too harsh, following certification loss of some of its fertilizers.

Trace amounts of benzene and nitrate nitrogen contaminants were found in certain product, costing them their organic status, ABC onions_61182592Rural reported.

According to chief executive Graeme Sait, such contaminants are only present in the manufacturing process and are not part of the final product.

"They didn't account for the fact that it's not there in the end product, it was proven not to be there in the end product; it's just the fact that it's used in any point," he said in ABC Rural.

"This is really nitpicking stuff. We'll be lobbying to get some of these things changed."

Australian Organic said in a written response to the online publication that Nutri-Tech Solutions is welcome to make a submission to the national committee, which is currently in the review process of its organic standards. Under world-wide standards, however, all products used are reviewed from start of production to finish, the organization said.

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