Brazilian and Egyptian groups join forces with stonefruit

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Brazilian and Egyptian groups join forces with stonefruit

Egyptian fresh produce exporter Magrabi Agriculture expects great results from a recent agreement to grow peach and nectarine varieties from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa). EMBRAPA - BRS-Fascínio_1-2-_-small-288x300

The deal was signed earlier this month when a business delegation visited the South American country, accompanied by Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.

Magrabi's Mahmoud El Shishiny told the signing was part of an ongoing process to find varieties that would best suit Egyptian climatic conditions.

"Embrapa is a big name in South America and we have been preparing the technical and legal matters of this contract for a long time," he said.

"I myself visited Embrapa in Brazil last November and interest was very big from both sides."

He added the accord would benefit both companies as the move fitted within Embrapa's global strategy to test and market their new varieties in different regions.

Although he said it was too early to give any indications of the performance qualities of the Embrapa varieties in Egypt, El Shishiny said Brazilian products were known for having "a good shelf life, a good taste and a good productivity".

"We will begin commercial production after we determine which varieties will best develop in our climate."

He said cooperation with Embrapa would likely extend to other products, including grapes, adding that the deal could well bring wider benefits for Egyptian growers.

"We believe that the exchange of information and cooperation with reputable institutions such as Embrapa will have a great benefit for us as a company and for Egyptian agriculture in general, especially as there is no overlap in seasons with Brazil.

"This means we will be complementing each other's export seasons, rather than competing."



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