Chilean govt extends emergency measures to two more regions

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Chilean govt extends emergency measures to two more regions

Chile's Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI) has decided to extend agriculture emergency measures to the V (Valparaiso) and VII (Maule) regions, in light of frosts damages that industry leaders expect will cause losses of US$1.2 billion across the supply chain. Foto-Helada-3 - Rosario Evaluation Center

The move builds on an existing agricultural emergency declaration for the VI (O'Higgins) region, covering some zones of the V region and all zones in the VII region.

As part of the announcement, MINAGRI highlighted a comprehensive support plan that was already underway in all affected regions.

The release said that for the last week the government had been attending to around 6,000 affected growers who were registered with the Institute of Agricultural Development (INDAP), providing rehabilitation bonds for replanting. A large amount of these growers have insurance and with their claims currently under processing, the first cheques are expected to arrive this week.

The emergency measures mean that affected growers who are not registered with INDAP will also receive similar support.

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Agricultural Minister Luis Mayol said the new measures would "more strongly support affected families, agricultural producers and farmers, with the objective of mitigating the situation they are facing today, adding to the efforts that as a government we have been doing since day one to support growers to get through this difficult moment as soon as possible".

Mayol added the declaration would immediately initiate management from corresponding public organizations, with the goal of coordinating new support actions for affected parties.

The Ministry of Work is also working with its counterparts in agriculture to develop a series of measures to provide bonds for labor contracts, along with special tools focused on helping seasonal female workers.

Additionally, Chile's Association of Banks and state bank BancoEstado have expressed a willingness to renegotiate, reprogram and deliver working capital to growers who need it.

Photo: Rosario Evaluation Center



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