Chinese ambassador praises cherry trade with Chile: 'Chilean cherries are a miracle'

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Chinese ambassador praises cherry trade with Chile: 'Chilean cherries are a miracle'

Frutas de Chile President Ivan Marambio presented Chinese ambassador to Chile, Niu Qingbao, recognized his support for the Chilean cherry industry Thursday, April 25, during the Global Cherry Summit 2024. 

A sculpture, presented before 1,400 guests representing the global cherry industry, displays two cherries, symbolizing the relationship between Chile and China. An enlarged version of the sculpture, presented by the Chilean industry, will be displayed in Shanghai as a symbol of the nations’ joint work and the growth of the global cherry industry.

Marambio took a moment to thank the ambassador and the Chinese Embassy for all the help and support they provide to the Chilean cherry industry. Qingbao responded to the recognition by thanking Frutas de Chile and all cherry producers in Chile .

"The cherry itself is just a fruit, but Chilean cherries are a miracle. In other countries, Chilean cherries may be just fruits, but in China, they are special. They also have great flavor," he said.

Global Cherry Summit 2024

The sold-out Global Cherry Summit 2024 welcomed international guests from across the cherry trade.

"In China, the color red is a symbol of a good life, so this small red fruit represents very positive things in China and is a symbol of unity during the New Year.”

Referring to the geographical distance between both countries, he said the Chinese romanticize the distant land that is Chile. 

“Cherries from a faraway land, like Chile, are a special gift for the people of China,” he said.

He also congratulated and recognized the constant effort of Chilean producers to improve the quality and flavor of cherries. He said that the resources available to improve the phytosanitary aspects of the fruit are an indispensable characteristic of the Chilean industry and its success in the Asian market.

“I wish with all my heart that the quality of Chilean cherries continues to improve and that we maintain our friendship between nations to always have a prosperous business relationship,” Qingbao concluded.

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