U.S. opens access for Jordanian fresh beans

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U.S. opens access for Jordanian fresh beans

After receiving no comments in response to a proposed rule in May, U.S. authorities have officially opened up market access for Jordanian fresh beans. Jordan flag 1 - Flickr - Argenberg

The new regulations set by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) will allow imports of fresh French, green, snap or string beans from the country, shelled or in pods, into the continental United States.

The service slated expectations that the Middle Eastern nation would ship 200 metric tons (MT) of the vegetable to the U.S. each year, which would represent one tenth of 1% of U.S. fresh snap bean production.

The beans will need to be produced using a systems approach with requirements for packing, washing, and processing.

The move marks the second relaxation this month of fresh bean import laws in the U.S., after a detention alert was removed for imports of fresh beans from the Dominican Republic.

Photo: Flickr, Argenberg


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