Chilean public sector workers reach salary deal with govt

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Chilean public sector workers reach salary deal with govt

Customs strikes in Chile have now come to a close after the country's National Association of Public Employees (ANEF) signed an agreement with the government to increase wages by 5%, effective as of Dec. 1. San_Antonio_Port_(Chile) _ wikimedia commons - small

In a written response, Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) president Ronald Bown told the deal meant operations were back to normal.

"At least the strike is finished. Who knows if there will be more strikes?" he said.

"We hope this does not happen again. In this, the authority has responsibility."

Foreign Affairs Minister Felipe Larrain told newspaper El Mercurio the agreement went beyond numbers, incorporating issues of great relevance to public sector workers.

ANEF president  Raúl de la Puente told website the terms of the new deal helped protect the high proportion of public sector workers who were contracted on a seasonal basis, with assessments based on ratings to prevent arbitrary redundancies.

"During its tenure this government has fired 11,000 public officials. That's why we have to seek protection and safeguards for all of them, and so that this year we don't have the situation that has occurred in previous years," de la Puente was quoted as saying.

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