Thai fruits and vegetables face blockage threat in Europe

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Thai fruits and vegetables face blockage threat in Europe

Thailand's fresh fruit and vegetable exports are in jeopardy in Europe due to pest detection violations.

European Union officials detected insects in 16 shipments of Thai vegetables and spices, including basil, chili peppers and bellcapsicum_62163277 peppers, eggplant, bitter gourds and parsley, the Bangkok Post reported.

The European Union had previously set the insect-detection limit at five for fresh Thai vegetable imports for the year starting in March 2013.

If a ban does come, it would likely be implemented at the end of the period on March 14, 2014.

To avoid a ban, Thailand may self-impose a ban on vegetable exports to the EU until the period comes to an end, Bangkok Post reported.

Thai fruits have also been placed under a five-detection limit for the year-long period beginning Aug. 1, 2013. The category faces similar uncertainty of undergoing a ban, following three detections of flies in  guava shipments.



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