High hopes for delayed Honduran melon season

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High hopes for delayed Honduran melon season

Honduras kicked off its melon export season last week. Although delayed, the crop is expected to bring one of the best trade seasons to date, Laprensa.hn reported.melon_on vine_ffp

The export season arrived about 20 days behind schedule due to rains and other climatic conditions that delayed plantings in places such as Choluteca and Valle, the Honduran publication said.

Traders, however, remained optimistic that the fruit's good reputation would keep it competitive on the international market.

The season's high hopes are complemented by a record trade forecast of US$60 million, according to Laprensa.hn. The forecast is up from last season's value of US$56.5 million.

Shipments will go primarily to the United States, England, France and Germany, with lesser volumes going to El Salvador and Nicaragua.

The Central Bank of Honduras (BCH) reports that melons are one of the nation's top 10 export products.

The main varieties shipped from Honduras are reported as Cantaloupe, Galia, Honeydew, Charentais and Piel de Sapo.


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