Mexico prepares mangoes for sale in Russia

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Mexico prepares mangoes for sale in Russia

With an international focus and government support, Mexican mangoes are reaching new markets, including Russia. In an interview with, Ecofruits director Salvador Simental discussed outlook for the 2014 season and the importance ofmango_77999356 export growth.

"This year, the product is delayed by about 15 days. We believe there will be slightly lower production than last year, but in the end, I don't think this will affect supply for international markets," Simental said.

For Mexican mango producers, priority has been placed on maintaining export supply above all else.

"Fresh mango supply is the first priority and then what is left will be sent to be dehydrated, frozen or made into pulp. Fulfillment of fresh mango committments is assured," he said.

Estimates place the current Mexico mango season - now in the fruiting stage - 5% below last year, due it part to cool weather.

Simental said Ecofruits hopes to produce 1.3 million boxes of fresh mangoes just for the European market. He identified northern Europe as a region of top priority for the company.

Focus has also been placed on expanding markets in Japan and North America, as well as opening new ones, like Russia.

The opportunity to establish ties with Russia arose during this year's Fruit Logistica in Berlin, where the industry received support from the Mexican government and Ministry of Agriculture.

"They offer support to producers by bringing us closer to markets. In the end, the future vision of the fruit and vegetable business is direct supply and trying to have a minimum number of intermediaries," he said.

"In Russia's case, there are already contracts but we still have not sent fruit. We are going to start with mangoes produced in Sinaloa, which has been the summer mango for Europe. It would be sent in June, July and August."


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