Volumes down, values up for Australian cherries

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Volumes down, values up for Australian cherries

Australian cherry export values have risen this year despite a dip in volume, with improved prices overall and significant shipment declines to Taiwan and Singapore. cerezas_24088876 smaller

A Fresh Intelligence Consulting report for the five months to February, 2014, shows that exports rose by 25% year-on-year to US$39.22 million while tonnage was down 5.2%  at 2,737 metric tons (MT).

While exports to Taiwan and Singapore were down by 24% and 20% respectively, leading buyer Hong Kong increased its purchases of Australian cherries by 6% in volume, reaching 1,180MT.

These three Asian countries were the leading importers, while China jumped three positions to take fourth spot with 151MT. Both China and Taiwan were only supplied by Tasmania.

Malaysia and Vietnam were hot on China's heels with substantial rises in volume, reaching 162.5MT and 144MT respectively.

Off lower base levels, big upticks in Australian cherry imports were also seen in Indonesia (34%), Russia (61%) and Qatar (43%).

From a regional perspective, New South Wales and Queensland were the only Australian states to increase their cherry exports during the period, at rates of 7% and 352% respectively. However, Queensland only represents 1% of the total.

Despite an 11% drop, Tasmania still accounted for just under half of the country's cherry exports, followed by New South Wales and Victoria.

From a domestic perspective, Australia's cherry imports fell by 54% in 2013 due to weather impacts on U.S. cherry crops.

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