U.K.: Waitrose puts bubbleberries on store shelves

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U.K.: Waitrose puts bubbleberries on store shelves

A type of berry that tastes like bubblegum went on sale at British supermarket chain Waitrose this week, starting on April 30. Bubbleberries (1) - Waitrose - sq

For five weeks customers will be able to try the weird and wonderful flavor of bubbleberries, which look like small pink strawberries but taste like bubblegum.

A Waitrose release said the bubbleberries, going under the official name fragaria Moschata or musk strawberry, are 'beautifully fragrant, with the unmistakable taste of bubblegum' and are exclusive to the John Lewis Partnership-incorporated luxury supermarket.

Waitrose is supporting the resurgence of this heritage berry, bringing back what was popular in the 19th century to a modern-day audience.

"This is one of the most aromatic berries we have ever sold at Waitrose. The Bubbleberry™ has an incredibly strong perfume which will take you straight back to your childhood. They have an incredibly familiar taste, which is much more likely to be found in a sweet shop than the fruit and vegetable aisle,"  Waitrose berry buyer Nikki Baggott said in the release.

"We hope customers will enjoy experimenting with this surprising flavour."

This is the latest funky fruit to be added to U.K. supermarket shelves and follows competitors Marks & Spencer introducing licorice flavored pear to its fruit fusion range earlier this year as well as debuting the achacha fruit which originates from the Bolivian rainforest and is grown in Australia.

Bubbleberries are available at selected Waitrose stores for £4.99 (US$8.39) per 100g.


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