Kingdom Fresh ramps up Mexican greenhouse operations

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Kingdom Fresh ramps up Mexican greenhouse operations

Torreon-based tomato company Kingdom Fresh Farms is set to more than double the production of its Mexican greenhouse operations, expanding its operations in Tehuacan by 62 acres. Kingdom Fresh expansion sq

The new hydroponic greenhouses in central Mexico will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology to accommodate year-round production, and the group claims they will also bring about 'best-in-class food safety' to guarantee safe, high quality products.

"This expansion is a continued step toward better serving our customers and their needs," the company's VP of sales Dan Edmeier said in a release.

"The additional volume allows us to offer more products on a year-round basis for now and in the future as we grow together.

"Our customers stress year-round availability and high quality products and we believe the consistency of our tomato program in Puebla is central to our continued growth and success."

General manager Guillermo Martinez highlighted Kingdom's several quality growing areas.

"Tehuacan is one of our locations where conditions are ideal: great weather, lots of sun light, excellent water quality and, most importantly good-hardworking employees," Martinez said.

The current expansion is Phase I of a 5 year expansion plan that will continue to increase volume and allow for the addition of specialty items. Additionally, the current expansion will also create 250 new jobs making Kingdom Fresh Farms one of the major employers in the area.

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