India: Heavy rains spread across key banana region -

India: Heavy rains spread across key banana region

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India: Heavy rains spread across key banana region

Heavy rains have continued to batter parts of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, leading to heightened concerns over banana crop losses. banana_56870893 small

Downpours have caused major problems in the Chennai district for several weeks, and now banana producers in other parts of India's leading banana-producing state are experiencing flooding in plantations across Tuticorin, also known as Thoothukudi.

Officials are currently monitoring the extent of damage to more than 3,000 hectares and will be preparing a report over the next few days once a full analysis is complete.

Earlier this week (Jan. 4) in Tuticorin, heavy rains exacerbated flooding in areas that were already badly hit from previous rainfall.

"The state government has already announced a package of financial measures that will help support some of the banana farmers, although I am not sure exactly how much compensation will be paid," a spokesman for the Banana Grower Association of India tells

"Analysis of the plantations is continuing but it is a difficult process because of the rains and the full impact of the damage will be accounted in due course.

"For now, we all hope the problems [to] subside. It's not just the banana sector which has been affected, there will be other crops like onions which have been damaged as well."

Severe damage has also been caused to onion and chili crops.

Reports in the Indian press estimate more than 804mm of rain has fallen against an average of 662mm. 

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