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U.S.: Cado's avocado ice cream launch leaves world anxious for a scoop

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U.S.: Cado's avocado ice cream launch leaves world anxious for a scoop

Iowa company Cado's recent launch of the first avocado-based, non-dairy ice cream brand has left people around the globe anxious to get a taste. Cado

The new product uses organic avocados from Mexico to develop a nutrient-rich frozen dessert loaded with monounsaturated fats, providing a healthier option than other ice creams.

At www.freshfruitportal.com we caught up with the operator of the family-run business, Meghan Dowd, about the product launch and the company’s plans for the future.

"That heart-healthy fat is a huge selling point of choosing our product over another. This is a really great alternative," Dowd said.

The company was already producing the nutrient-rich product Shaktea kombucha. Dowd explains that Cado had been using avocados in pies and smoothies before experimenting with frozen desserts.

"Because we're in the food business we thought, this isn't out there yet, but this should be out there."

"It was natural for us because we're into whole foods, organic foods that have super-food quality. We definitely have the mission of food contributing to your health."

The product is currently only available in the U.S., in nine states across the Midwest. However, the company is looking to expand nationally within the next year or so.

"All along the West Coast seems to be a good place to be, especially with a cold product too. So that's what we've got our sights set on."

And there also seems to be an appetite abroad.

"We've received some press recently through Yen magazine, so we have a lot of international requests through our website."

"I can tell there's a strong interest from people all over the world - New Zealand, all over South America, Canada and Europe - where people are wanting to try this product, so we might eventually get it out there."

So far sales have been decent despite launching the frozen dessert in winter, according to Dowd.

"People are very curious about it, and the one big question we get is, 'does it taste like avocado? Where is the avocado flavor'"

"We explain it's an avocado base and the flavors are meant to taste like a regular chocolate flavor, or a mint-chocolate chip flavor."

"So it's really just about communicating with a customer about what to expect."

The product was placed regionally by Whole Foods, which was an important boost to the product line, she added.

The company is focused on increasing their sales footprint with the current product. Afterwards it will be able to focus on other products in the pipeline, such as bars and ice cream sandwiches, or a cookie, as well as more ice cream flavors.

Currently the company offers flavors including Deep Dark Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip and Simply Lemon, which can be found in 90 stores.

But the company is experimenting with flavors such as Orange Dream, Matcha Green Tea, Mocha Chip, Mexican Cacao and Pistachio.

"The higher-end dessert is comparable to other non-dairy frozen desserts, like the Coconut Bliss. Or if people are not lactose intolerant, a premium ice cream would be comparable, Dowd said."

"It's a higher-end item because it's organic and because it's avocado-based, so hopefully we'll be able to appeal to everybody."

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