Spain: Eurobanan to unveil new products, partnerships in 2016 -

Spain: Eurobanan to unveil new products, partnerships in 2016

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Spain: Eurobanan to unveil new products, partnerships in 2016

Madrid-based fruit group Eurobanan has a series of new innovations and collaborations in the works for 2016, but marketing director Ramón Rey is careful not to reveal too much too soon.

Eurobanan's Ramón Rey

Eurobanan marketing director Ramón Rey

Speaking with during Fruit Logistica, Rey said there had been the usual low activity in markets over January and early February, but sales were hitting higher points year-on-year.

"To make the most of  the sales momentum we are developing new actions, new products and above all, new collaborations," the executive said.

"In our products and marketing we are going to support ourselves with organizations for export promotion from Latin America and Southeast Asia.

"From April until October-November we'll be launching new products that will impact the Spanish and Portuguese markets at the start, and then on to Italy, France, Germany, Austria and the U.K."

He said the idea was to help consumers "find flavor" once more by giving them high quality fruit with the right aroma and texture at a reasonable price.

"There will also be new ways to consume fruit and in new outlets - we will be in collaboration with chefs, with gastronomical tastings and recipes, and we will be active in all the social media platforms, particularly on Facebook."

He said meetings at Fruit Logistica had helped Eurobanan's plans get into motion, noticing a heightened focus from participants to not only meet, but to secure concrete plans and address important technical issues.

"We are very content with our participation in Fruit Logistica this year," he said.

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