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Westfalia to start exporting avocados from Mozambique

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Westfalia to start exporting avocados from Mozambique

South Africa-based Westfalia is due to begin exporting avocados from Mozambique to the European Union (EU) over the coming weeks, according to local media Macauhub.com.mo. palta-shutterstock_155036531

The story reported company consultant Manuel Roriz had said the first exports were due between December and the beginning of January.

According to the company's website, a new operation was established called Westfalia Fruto Mocambique which will produce the Hass variety and the proprietary Carmen-Hass.

"The purchased land is located in the Manica Province of central Mozambique, renowned as an early fruit-producing area," the company said.

"The new farm will produce Hass and Carmen®-Hass significantly earlier than the earliest producing areas in South Africa. The avocados are expected to reach maturity at a time of key shortage in the market (January to April), helping to close the window of supply. "

Westfalia's operation has funding from the World Bank and provides for an annual production of 100,000 (MT) metric tons, according to Macauhub.com.mo.

Three-quarters of production is reportedly destined for foreign markets, with the rest to be sold on the domestic market.

The avocado project began in 2014, and more than 53,000 trees have already been planted across 132 hectares, the story said.

The company is also due to begin a litchi project in 2017.

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