Rains, floods hit southern Peru

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Rains, floods hit southern Peru

Heavy rains and floods have reportedly damaged some table grape operations in the southern Peruvian province of Ica while also obstructing roadways, RPP Noticias reported. 

The weather event reportedly led the Huamaní, Yuava del Rosario and Seco river basins to overflow, causing losses for some table grape farms and affecting at least 1,200 homes.

Regional Governor Fernando Cilloniz has declared a state of provincial emergency in response, promising to help victims and provide machinery to help clean the mud and debris. 

Agricultural Association of Producer Unions (AGAP) president Ricardo Polis told Fresh Fruit Portal there were intense rains and some mudslides on Jan. 24 that mainly affected the city of Ica and some farms. 

"In the first report we received, thankfully the majority of farms had already finished their table grape harvests, but there is still effectively a percentage - not so large - with fruit that hasn't been picked," Polis said.

He added a more detailed report was expected soon, and that "everyone is working on drying and cleaning the areas affected by mud and rocks".

At the time of writing, the Peruvian Table Grape Growers Association (ProVid) had not yet responded to requests for comment, but it is understood the majority of the executive were visiting Ica yesterday to inspect the damage. 

Flooding and mudslides have also impacted communities in central Bolivia around La Paz and Cochabamba, while in Chile the Chollay River - which flows into the agriculturally-focused Huasco Valley  - has overflowed and reportedly left 360 people isolated from their homes without electricity or potable water. 

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