U.S.: California company to debut shipping container farm at Texas festival

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U.S.: California company to debut shipping container farm at Texas festival

California-based Local Roots Farms will debut what it describes as the 'world’s first traveling indoor farm' at the SXSW music and film festival and conference to be held in Austin, Texas from March 11-15. 

Built inside a 40-foot shipping container, the company says the mobile farm uses a proprietary form of hydroponic technology to grow leafy greens equal to five acres of land year-round with up to 99% less water than conventional agriculture.

The pesticide and herbicide-free farm departed from the Local Roots headquarters in Los Angeles yesterday (March 8) to set up residency at the festival.

Festival-goers will have an opportunity to tour inside the high-tech farm. The tour focuses on the Local Roots approach to indoor farming, including the design and engineering of their modular indoor farms.

Capitalizing on both traditional farming methods and scientific breakthroughs at NASA, Local Roots says its traveling farm features the newest methods of agricultural production.

“There is nothing like experiencing the farm firsthand,” says Local Roots VP of Business Development Brandon Martin.

“We’re excited to make this unique experience available to the public with the launch of our cross-country tour. The interactive experience is truly unique and provides a profound understanding of the impact this technology will have on the future of farming.”

During the SXSW Festival, Local Roots founder and CEO Eric Ellestad will speak on the Funding the Future of Food Tech panel, and the company will also be on display at the Food and Tech Innovation Spotlight.

The program will explore "the practical applications for this new form of growing food, including urban development and the creation of a more sustainable food system."

SXSW is the first of a series of road trips, with plans for the traveling farm to make quarterly tours throughout 2017.

Local Roots says the farm will be used as an educational tool to inspire consumers about agriculture science and technology with stops at schools, corporate campuses, restaurants, and festivals throughout the U.S.



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