Italy: Amazon Prime Now delivers new line of Fratelli Orsero exotics

March 21 , 2017

Italian fresh produce import-export company Fratelli Orsero (Orsero Brothers) has joined forces with Amazon Prime Now to debut a range of exotic fruit under its new “ripe and ready” range. 

The Italian group’s new premium exotics line includes avocado, mango and papaya and is now available through the online platform in Milan and 46 other municipalities from 8am to midnight, seven days a week.

In addition, Fratelli Orsero’s apples, kiwifruit, lime, pineapple, bananas and turmeric are also available through the Amazon app.

The exotic fruit range is packed in bags giving “functional advice” to consumers including some nutritional information, tips on how best to use the fruit and a QR code that links to a video tutorial explaining simple ways to enjoy and prepare the fruit.

Android and iOS users can take advantage of Amazon Prime Now’s two-hour free delivery slots.

“The refreshing and aromatic taste of Orsero Brothers fruit is a guarantee of excellence, taste, freshness and healthiness. By debuting through Amazon Prime Now, Orsero Brothers brings the flavour of the tropics to Italian tables,” says an Orsero spokeswoman.

Fratelli Orsero, which manages and controls its entire supply chain, was launched in the European market 2012 and later started distributing in Asia and the U.S.

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