Brazilian apple exports falling well short of previous years

April 20 , 2017

The latest numbers from Brazil’s national statistics service Aliceweb show apple exports have been substantially lower in the early part of the season, with volume down 39% in the first three months of 2017. 

Last year the country had exported almost two-thirds of the total between January and March with 18,493 metric tons (MT), but this year that figure has fallen to 11,281MT.

The sharpest falls by destination include last year’s leading market Bangladesh (-52%; 2,308MT), Portugal (-55%; 1,127MT), the Netherlands (-60%; 765MT) and the UAE (-48%; 614MT).

With a 15% increase in purchases of Brazilian apples, Ireland has become the top market with 2,405MT, while upticks were also seen in the U.K. (+46%; 1,695MT), Sweden (+39%; 1,007MT), Oman (+124%; 311MT) and Spain (+25%; 222MT).

It is worth noting Brazil’s apple exports for the whole 2016 season were half the level of 2015’s figure of 60,112MT, and also down on the 44,294MT exported in 2014.



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