Chilean Ambrosia to flavor Oppy’s spring apple line

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Chilean Ambrosia to flavor Oppy’s spring apple line

North American produce trader and marketer Oppy has announced increased volumes of Chilean Ambrosia apples, with first arrivals planned for mid-May. 

“Ambrosia is a top performer in the premium apple space in both volume growth and dollar sales,” vice president of categories David Nelley said in a release.

“Leading retailers have told us it’s no longer enough to carry new apple varieties, as there are many to choose from. To stand out, they’re looking for the very best flavor available at the time.

"Storage apples don’t compete in flavor with new crop JAZZ™ or Envy™, and we think we’ve found something really special in the Chilean Ambrosia from David Del Curto."

He said volumes of the original British Columbia Ambrosia were winding down, but the Chilean crop was able to deliver the 'signature flavor and texture.'

David Del Curto (DDC) of Santiago is one of two growers authorized to produce Ambrosia in Chile. The company first planted the apple in 2009, selecting locations that best replicated the growing conditions in British Columbia.

“We discovered that very good Ambrosia can be produced in Southern Chile, due to good chill hours that amplify the color and flavor characteristics North American consumers appreciate about the apple,” DDC sales director Marcos Echenique said.

“We’re replicating Ambrosia’s ‘natural environment’ as best we can, producing apples that deliver consistently on taste, which has emerged as Ambrosia’s most compelling attribute.”

Echenique noted that DDC’s Ambrosia had achieved good color intensity through the application of reflective film placed between the rows and nets for sun protection.

After being picked and cooled slowly to retain flavor and crunch, the apples are packed on a single line for consistency.

Nelley said customers appreciated the year round supply Oppy offered by bringing Chilean and New Zealand Ambrosia to North America after the original Ambrosia from British Columbia is sold out.

“Now it’s possible for our customers to sustain momentum with high-quality Ambrosia, along with super tasty New Zealand JAZZ™ and Envy™ apples available on a single order from Oppy this summer,” he said.

Along with its other premium apple and pear offerings, the leading marketer and distributor’s business development team will drive retail sales of Oppy’s Chilean Ambrosia program via high-impact custom promotions.

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