U.S.: AMS brings attention to fraudulent organic fruit certificate

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U.S.: AMS brings attention to fraudulent organic fruit certificate

An organic mango certificate dating back to November 2015 has been declared fraudulent by a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) division, but both companies mentioned in the document have been absolved of any responsibility.

In an announcement on Monday, the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) drew attention to the fraudulent organic certificate for pineapples, lemons and mangoes.

The "CERTIICATE [sic] OF ORGANIC PRODUCTION" falsely named Oaxaca, Mexico-based grower Renagrotec SPR de Rl and Ventura, California-based Organic Certifiers (OC) as parties to the forged document. 

"OC has confirmed that the certificate is fraudulent. Renagrotec SPR de Rl, is certified by Organic Certifiers, Inc. and is an operation in good standing," the AMS said.

"Renagrotec SPR de Rl and OC are not responsible for the alteration of this certificate."

No mention of the party behind the certificate was mentioned in the announcement, while at the time of writing OC had not yet responded to requests for comment. 

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