SB Group affiliates join forces to form Giddings Fruit -

SB Group affiliates join forces to form Giddings Fruit

Multinational fruit grower and distributor SB Group is overhauling its brand to bring its diverse global operations under one banner, named after Chilean agronomist and company president Julio Giddings. 

Giddings Fruit president Julio Giddings

The recently formed Giddings Fruit accounts for 30,000 metric tons (MT) of fruit production annually across 3,500 hectares, with growing operations in Chile, Peru, Mexico and the U.S., along with international distribution arms.

"The company has taken an important step in the development of the brand," said Julio Giddings at the branding announcement in Chile's Monticello Casino.

"It's an identity we want to strengthen through technology and communication services with the aim of generating more visibility at the customer level, through our own value proposal for consumers and growers," he said. 

Giddings said the value proposal was about delivering improved market access for every variety, fruit type and product, while at the grower end producers were committed to supplying products that brought satisfaction to customers.

He said the structural changes at SB Group were based on four main pillars: confidence, committment, the environment and ethics. However, genetic development efforts are perhaps what generate the most interest in the company's associated products.

"Genetic development is a concern of our whole team. Trialing, testing, incorporating, bringing out and passing genetics to different productive units - both by zone and region - has transcendental value without a doubt," Giddings said.

"We're going to keep working very hard on that because we believe genetics is about changing consumers perception and demand. Moreover, it offers productivity with different costs and profitability," the executive emphasized.  

The holding president said the group was working in packing and harvesting services, including technology focused on biodynamic production, along with consulting in ways that can make results more easily measured for clients. 

"We want the grower to receive the best return for the levels of production that they reach," Giddings said.

Giddings Chile deputy manager of technology, Christian Droguett, said the company would provide a website and mobile app to help growers as well.

"In the application the grower will be able to get all the feedback, all the processes and quality reports, they'll have an account of packages and financials, and technical visits that agronomists associated with the zone of each one [grower]," Droguett said.

Groups involved include berry exporter SB Berries, which was born out of a partnership with U.S. company Sun Belle; Cerasus, an exporter of cherries, kiwifruit, apples and stonefruit; Giddings Fruit USA LLC, recently formed with cherry production in the U.S.; China-based and licensed receiver-distributor HSB Asia; and Peruvian group SB Andina, focused on berry production and exports to China. 

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