World Direct Shipping to double ‘thriving’ Veracruz-Florida service

October 10 , 2017

Ocean carrier World Direct Shipping is doubling its service across the Gulf of Mexico between the state of Veracruz and Central Florida’s Port Manatee, after a successful initial three years of operation. 

World Direct Shipping has announced plans to add a weekly sailing to Port Manatee from the Port of Tuxpan, in the north-central portion of Veracruz. 

It said this would augment the service it has operated each week since November 2014 to Port Manatee from Coatzacoalcos, in southern Veracruz.

The first sailing from Tuxpan is scheduled for Jan. 12.

“We couldn’t be happier with how the initial service has thrived, with our 2 1/2-day transit time offering the fastest short-sea connection between Mexico and the U.S. Southeast, Northeast and Midwest for refrigerated produce and other cargos,” said Carlos Diaz, director of Palmetto, World Direct Shipping. 

“The addition of the Tuxpan service with the introduction of a second vessel perfectly complements the Coatzacoalcos sailings, providing shippers of produce and other customers with enhanced flexibility.”

Tuxpan is the closest commercial port to Mexico City, situated 180 miles northeast of the Mexican capital, which, according to Diaz, should provide opportunities for greater imports of Mexican fruits, vegetables and juices.

The schedule calls for Friday departures from Tuxpan, with arrivals at Port Manatee on Mondays, while the sailings from Coatzacoalcos are to continue on Saturdays, with Tuesday arrivals at Port Manatee.

World Direct Shipping, which in April extended its agreement with Port Manatee through the end of 2019, with options for two more years, also announced that it has lengthened its pact with Federal Marine Terminals, which will work both vessels at Port Manatee.

“It is truly a breath of fresh air in today’s ocean carrier industry environment to see the success of World Direct Shipping,” said Carlos Buqueras, Port Manatee’s executive director.

“We look forward to continuing to serve this dynamic company on this expanded basis for many years to come.”


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