Costa Rican NGO accuses Fyffes subsidiary of destroying invaluable wetlands

November 03 , 2017

A Costa Rican non-governmental organization (NGO) has alleged produce multinational Fyffes is destroying a wetland teeming with fish and birds in the north of the country. 

A photo published by Bloque Verde purportedly showing the construction of a canal that is draining the wetlands.

Bloque Verde (Green Block) published photographs of what it says is a canal built by Fyffes’ subsidiary Anexco designed to drain the wetlands of Rio Cuarto in the Alajuela province.

It claims the alleged project is in violation of legislation in a country that has seen a number of protests over recent months against what people consider to be the destruction of ecosystems by the pineapple industry.

According to Bloque Verde, Anexco is causing “serious damage” by draining wetlands and water sources with the canal.

“The expansion of pineapple production continues to cause serious environmental damage to the natural areas, especially damaging water sources for entire communities, despite complaints from and the mobilization of residents in the area so that the authorities intervene and regulate the activity,” the NGO said.

It also alleged the company was continuing its operations with impunity, despite officials in various government entities being aware of what is taking place.

The U.K.’s Union of General and Municipal Workers (GMB), which has been highly critical of Fyffes for alleged bullying and abuse of workers in Central America, said this was “a classic example of putting profits before people and planet”.

At the time of writing, Fyffes had not responded to request for comment on the allegations.



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