Costa Rica: Flooding impacts banana, pineapple-growing areas

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Costa Rica: Flooding impacts banana, pineapple-growing areas

A cold front has brought strong winds and flooding to certain areas of Costa Rica over recent days, with at least some banana and pineapple production likely to be affected.

According to the National Emergency Commission (CNE), there were 125 cases of flooding in the Caribbean coastal areas of Matina, Talamanca, Guácimo, Limón and Pococí.

Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís met with the CNE in Limon, following which he said: "We are sure that we will be able to adequately and quickly fix whatever damage has been done."

"We still don't know the extent of the damage, and we will have to wait until the water recedes in many places that are waterlogged," he said.

"We can assure that everything is under control, the [emergency] committees are working hard along with the institutions. Fortunately, the cold front is subsiding and the weather is much better, but there are still areas that are flooded."

The Costa Rican Ministry of Agriculture (MAG) said that within the areas affected by the heavy rains were pineapple plantations in the north and banana farms toward the Caribbean coast.

It added that one the cold front had passed, assessments would be made to determine how the crops have been affected.



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