U.S.: California table grape volumes hit the "new normal" mark

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U.S.: California table grape volumes hit the

California's table grape growers produced 109.1 million boxes of fruit during 2017, with a crop value of US$1.81 billion.

The California Table Grape Commission said that two-thirds of the crop had been consumed domestically, with one-third shipped to 59 countries around the world.

The top six volume markets are Canada, Mexico, China, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan.

"After breaking the 100 million box mark only 6 years ago, a 109 million box crop has become the new normal for California table grape growers", California Table Grape Commission president Kathleen Nave said.

In 2016, 110 million boxes were produced, generating US$1.85 billion.

Nave said that the commission's 2018 global campaign was being prepared, with the focus on motivating the trade to produce and the consumers to buy more Californian table grapes more often.


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