U.S.: Berry People transitions organic strawberries from Mexico to California

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U.S.: Berry People transitions organic strawberries from Mexico to California

Organic produce company Berry People has announced its seasonal transition of strawberries to Santa Maria and Watsonville in California after a strong season in the Mexican state of Baja California.

A light harvest has already begun in the California acreage, with ramp-up expected at the end of April.

"We are fortunate to have the Baja acreage base for the January-April window, as the region provides us with a very high-quality berry, giving us time to work through early-season weather patterns in California", said Berry People president Jerald Downs.

He said that the transitional periods of overlap in production were important in the company's aim to provide a year-round, balanced portfolio of organic berries.

Since operations began in November last year, Berry People says it has been expanding its 'four-berry footprint', increasing distribution in the U.S. and Canada and supporting it with production from shareholders and key grower alliances in Mexico and California.

"We have sustained an 'every day' market presence, working hard towards a steady provision of quality, continuity and convenience to each of our valued customers," Downs said.

The company is moving forward with plans to increase acreage for next season and to further balance its berry offerings.

"The market's demand to have these various regions, products and players brought together is apparent, but the empathy, creativity and tenacity required to do so effectively can easily be underestimated," Downs said.


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