Chilean nectarine, peach exports rose by 11% during 2017-18

May 16 , 2018

Chilean nectarine and peach exports rose by 11% year-on-year during the 2017-18 season to 98,200 metric tons (MT), according to the Chilean Fruit Exporters’ Association (ASOEX) president Ronald Bown.

Nectarines made up the majority of this volume, rising 8% to 66,940MT exported, while peach exports rose 20% to 31,260MT.

Peaches were primarily sent to North America, with 60% of the volume exported there, and 35% was exported to Latin America.

North America was also the primary destination for Chilean nectarines, receiving 34% of the volume. A similar percentage was also sent to the Far East, up 51% from last year. The increase comes following the opening of the Chinese market in February last year, when the Chilean season was in its latter stages.

“Throughout the season that has just ended, we used diverse and creative promotional campaigns in the Chinese markets of Shanghai and Jiangnan,” said Bown.

“This included tastings and exhibitions in markets, as well as interviews and publications in the local press, and a seminar via WeChat.”

The nectarine campaign highlighted the health and nutritional values and benefits of the fruit.

More than half the volume of both fruits were produced in the O’Higgins region, with the Metropolitan region taking second place.

The leading stone fruit exporting companies were Gesex S.A., with 1,780,600 boxes shipped, followed by Verfrut S.A. with 1,172,932 boxes, The largest five companies represented 46% of the total volume exported from Chile.

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