Australia secures improved Japanese market access for Hass avocados

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Australia secures improved Japanese market access for Hass avocados

The Australian Government has announced that Japan has agreed to a new export protocol for Hass avocados, providing a boost to growers in the west of the country.

Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources David Littleproud said the development will provide huge opportunities for the AUD$330 million avocado industry.

“Finally a bit of positive press for the humble smashed avocado,” Littleproud said.

“I’m working hard to make sure our farmers have better access to key markets and to ensure people across the globe can enjoy great Aussie produce."

He said the new conditions will allow producers in regions recognized as free of Queensland fruit fly to access the Japanese market, without a requirement to treat their produce. The pest of present in many parts of eastern Australia.

“These changes mean Hass avocado farmers in Western Australia will be able to export without the additional expense of treatment for fruit flies, making it easier for them to get their produce into this valuable horticulture market," he said.

Western Australia is home to 21% of Australia's avocado farms.

“Japan is Australia’s second-largest agricultural market and consumer appetite for avocados is growing—so it is no surprise that there is demand for our world-class, clean and healthy produce," Littleproud said.

In 2016-17, Australia’s avocado exports were valued at AUD$12.5 million. Australia’s current key markets for avocado exports are Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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