Canada: Healthy eating campaign sees children become 'chef for a day'

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Canada: Healthy eating campaign sees children become 'chef for a day'

Students in 75 classrooms across Canada will get the chance to be 'Chef for a Day' on May 30th, as part of a campaign to promote healthy eating habits and food skills development.

Established by the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) in the Freggie Children's Program, it offers children an opportunity to learn how to make an easy, healthy lunch from start to finish.

Once they have been made, the children will get to eat their creations, all while learning how to fuel their growing bodies in the healthiest way.

"The development of proper food skills is an essential foundation for healthy eating, and the best way to learn is a hands-on experience," said CPMA president Ron Lemaire.

"We're hoping this event can provide awareness at the community level as to the benefits of teaching children to cook and sending them to school with more nutritious lunches."

Teachers will be provided with a blueprint for the event and have been encouraged to enlist the help of local chefs, dietitians, or keen parents.

The program has been expanded to a national level since its foundation in Nova Scotia in 2015, focusing on health, food safety and great taste with the intention of including students at every step.

"With the easy to follow blueprints and gift cards to purchase ingredients, CPMA has developed a winning combination to get more kids engaged in healthy eating while respecting busy schedules," said Kim Hickman, a community dietitian.

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