China: JD's Super Durian Day smashes sales record -

China: JD's Super Durian Day smashes sales record

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China: JD's Super Durian Day smashes sales record

Online retail giant sold more than 400 metric tons (MT) of durians within just 24 hours during its annual Super Durian Day promotions, Food Navigator Asia reported.

The 428,000kg sold represent a 30% increase on the 330,000kg sold during the day-long promotion last year, when the fruit also sold out.

The durians, sourced from Thailand, were sold at 20% to 30% cheaper than the usual price during this year's launch. For example, a Monthong durian, meaning 'golden pillow', which weighs 3.5-4kg, could be sold at RMB139 (US$21) instead of RMB209 (US$33).

Durians are known as 'the king of fruits' in Southeast Asia, and the love of the fruit has recently spread to China. Overall transaction volume for the fruit on grew 11-fold between 2016 and 2017, the company said.

While the fruit is most popular in first-tier cities like Beijing and Guangzhou, demand is also growing in other cities. Fourth and fifth-tier cities now make up 45% of sales.

More than 250MT of durians are imported to China annually, with the Ministry of Commerce estimating the market to be worth US$22.3 million.

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