Australia: CropLogic announces Mildura expansion

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Australia: CropLogic announces Mildura expansion

New Zealand-based CropLogic Limited (ASX:CLI) has announced the expansion of its activities into Mildura, Australia, in collaboration with Australian agtech company SproutX and Mildura Regional Development.

The global agronomy services company said its future growth strategy for Australia has highlighted a specified region in Southeast Australia that includes Mildura.

This is based on market data that confirms that this area represents approximately 74% of Australia’s horticulture acres with a gross product at the farm gate of AUD$3.4 billion annually, it said.

The Victorian Government has classified Agri-Business as a prime strategic industry for Mildura with the region’s horticulture being key to this. Viticulture and wineries have also been identified by the Victorian Government as vital tourism assets for the area.

"The response and uptake of CropLogic realTime in the Columbia Basin, USA could not have been better this season. A big part of this success was the expertise and local knowledge developed through CropLogic’s regional partnerships there," said CEO Cooper Jones.

"CropLogic values these partnerships in its global growth strategy and it’s why we were eager to take this opportunity when approached by SproutX and Mildura Regional Development.

"A lot of the tree and viticulture crops that are seeing a resurgence and boom in the Mallee / Riverina are crops CropLogic has been servicing in the USA. We’re getting great feedback from these growers and we’re eager to bring this technology to Mildura and contribute to grower’s optimum yield rates there too."

Daryl Buckingham, CEO of Mildura Regional Development, said: “The core focus of the Mildura Regional Development Strategic Plan is to support and grow the region’s economy by capitalising on assets we already have here and to attract new investment, innovation and business to Mildura.

“This partnership with CropLogic fits perfectly within this framework and I am excited by all the possibilities it opens up for the region.”

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