Chile cuts mandarin export forecast after frost damage

August 08 , 2018

Chile has reduced its mandarin export growth forecast following a series of frosts over recent weeks, with Navel production also impacted.

The Chilean Citrus Committee said for mandarins it is now expecting a 20% year-on-year increase from last season’s 77,000 metric tons (MT) – down from the original growth estimate of 30%.

The mandarin campaign is only just beginning, with 2% of volumes so far exported. The committee estimated that around 15% of the crop had been damaged by the cold weather.

Meanwhile, it estimated that around 10% of the Navel orange crop was damaged, with exports now forecast to remain similar to last year’s 76,000MT.

Total Navel exports for the campaign are 63% complete.

Lemon shipments are 70% complete, and due to the location of the orchards the committee say exports are still on track for 77,000MT.

The clementine season has finished, with total exports of 66,000MT.

Chile’s central and southern regions experienced temperatures as low as -4°C over June and July, and the committee has now called on the industry to implement a work plan to avoid exporting damaged fruit.

It added that the current season has been slower than previous campaigns due to the cold weather. Fog and rain have also at times made it difficult for workers to pick the fruit.

The Chilean avocado industry is also evaluating possible damages related to the cold weather over the winter period.

All figures have been rounded up or down to the nearest 1,000MT.

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  1. Jim says:

    It’s a shame that Chile is facing problems with its Mandarin exports. Apparently it was doing rather well considering its export value for mandarin and other citrus was up 23.75% (according to That may have been thanks to the US being Chile’s top export destination and that the US is having difficulty with other trade partners. Just guessing.