Mr Apple hits the road in China following “very active” marketing year

August 22 , 2018

One of New Zealand’s largest apple growers, Mr Apple, recently did a series of road shows in Shenzhen and Guangzhou with retail partner CR Vanguard.

The Scales Corporation subsidiary said the shows were a success and had highlighted the importance of face-to-face sampling and consumer interaction as part of building a successful fruit brand in China.

Held over two days in each city, shoppers were invited to taste Mr Apple apples and ‘be transported to New Zealand with just one bite.’

The road show also presented an opportunity to showcase a new brand mascot to engage with consumers, particularly children.

“With more of our fruit going direct to retail partners in China, a road show has so many benenfits. It significantly increases Mr Apple sales, which a retail partner like CR Vangaurd appreciates,” retail sales manager Ben McLeod said.

“Secondly, it enables shoppers to taste Mr Apple and try the famous Mr Apple crispness for themselves. This helps us both build the brand and drive repeat sales in store.”

The road shows mark the culmination of a very active marketing year in China.

“In 2018, Mr Apple launched a comprehensive China social and digital strategy with the goal of building the Mr Apple brand,” said Lisa Cork, special projects manager for Mr Apple.

“We used both WeChat and Weibo to showcase Mr Apple and the flavour benefits of New Zealand apples. We learned a lot in the last eight months and we are continuously putting new ideas to the test to improve our China consumer engagement.

“The road shows were one idea that really delivered. Not only did the shows drive Mr Apple sales, they significantly increased our WeChat followers too.”

The company has been exporting apples to China for over 15 years.

“For Mr Apple, China is an important market and the place to be as there are so many new channels and sales opportunities. We have great retail direct partners and by proactively promoting the Mr Apple brand, we are working together to achieve success,” McLeod said.



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