Spain forecasts flat grapefruit production for 2018-19 -

Spain forecasts flat grapefruit production for 2018-19

Spain has forecast flat year-on-year grapefruit production for the 2018-19 season.

Industry association AILIMPO estimates volumes at 76,000 metric tons (MT), almost the same as the total from last season which was 76,104MT.

"This volume allows the Spanish sector to be optimistic in terms of quality," said the association.

It did point out that, however, that the devaluation of the Turkish lira may have an impact and must be considered in price sensitive markets.

Spanish grapefruit season typically starts at the end of October and lasts until April.

"Meanwhile we will wait for the end of stocks of small grades from South Africa as well as the end of Mexican season," it said.

"Overall, Spanish grapefruit has clearly become a leading and essential source in the EU for meeting demand from November to April."

José García, AILIMPO's technical director told Fresh Fruit Portal a few days ago that overlap with other countries has made the beginning of the season for challenging for grapefruit.

Strengthening of overseas countries

Spain closed its previous campaign with a total harvest of 76,104 MT, with a little over half going to Germany and France.

While only 3,000MT was exported to countries outside of the EU last season, this figure represented 19% year-on-year growth.

Switzerland, Canada and South Africa are some countries to which ALIMPO wants to boost exports during the current campaign.