U.S: California Supreme Court orders ALRB to count 2013 votes

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U.S: California Supreme Court orders ALRB to count 2013 votes

The California Supreme Court has upheld an earlier decision by the 5th District Court of Appeals ordering the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) to count the employee ballots cast in their 2013 decertification election.

California Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA) president George Radanovich praised the decision.

“Today we welcomed this long overdue decision," he said.

"We are pleased and encouraged by the recent decision by the California Supreme Court, which affirms that the most important opinion in this entire matter, the prerogative of the employees will be heard."

Gerawan employees voted in a decertification election in November of 2013 to decide whether or not to decertify from the United Farm Workers Union.

The CFFA said that despite the fact the ALRB ordered and oversaw the decertification election, they impounded the ballots, denying recognition and acceptance of their decision.

“Today’s court action would not have occurred without the determined effort of Gerawan Farming, Inc., the Gerawan family, and in particular, company President Dan Gerawan for defending his company and his employees' right to choose," Radanovich said.

"This fight has been long and arduous, but we are happy to see that light has been cast onto this injustice and the farmworkers voice will be heard."


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