Morocco set for record citrus production

October 11 , 2018

Morocco is expecting record citrus production for the 2018-19 season, according to local media La Quotidienne [in French].

The North African country is reportedly set to see volumes rise by 17% year-on-year to around 2.62 million metric tons (MT). 

Exports are reportedly set to grow by a lower rate of 4%.

Citrus orchards now cover over 117,000 hectares of land in Morocco and are this season expected to yield a record average of 22.1 MT per hectare.

The Moroccan citrus season typically runs from around mid-October until June.

Around 40% of exports are shipped to the EU, with 30-35% going to Russia and a further 15-17% to North America. The local market absorbs 70% of production volumes.

Citrus Growers Association chief Ahmed Derrab earlier this year said he was pleased with how national production had grown over the last decade, but noted that exports were lagging behind expectations.

He said this was partly because of stiff competition in the EU market, and explained the industry was hoping to develop African and Asian markets.

Last season around 2.4 million MT of citrus was produced. Volumes had been forecast higher but were affected by excessive heat. 


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