Dole gives brand a new look and identity

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Dole gives brand a new look and identity

U.S.-based Dole Food Company has announced the launch of a refreshed logo and brand identity.

In a release, the 160-year-old produce organization said it strives to "more thoughtfully connect and understand consumers, and their preferences and desires when it comes to shopping for fresh produce."

Insights gained through this discovery process have helped influence the development decisions of this "robust reimaging of the DOLE Brand," it added.

The company says the new visual identity reflects its values as a company around freshness, transparency and responsibility, as well as an evolution in logo treatment "inspired by nature and its earth-given benefits".

It also said the revamp reflects a new visual representation of the vibrant character attributes surrounding the brand and a refinement of nature-based color and texture pallets and font typography.

"The refreshed DOLE Trademark evolves from living in the fresh air and harkens to the gifts the earth and sky provide," the company said.

"And while the DOLE Trademark remains consistent to its heritage, the new holding shape takes its form from a simple leaf—one of nature’s most unique creations." 

Dole's previous logo

In addition to the new visual treatment, Dole is also introducing a new 'Powering You' brand tagline, which it says clearly and simply defines the company's mission. 

The line is meant to empower individuals as they embrace their personal quests to eat healthy and improve their lifestyles, it said.

"We have grown and evolved over the years, and we have refreshed our brand to reflect who we are today and where we see ourselves heading in the future," said Xavier Roussel, vice president of marketing and sustainability.

“This new look for us reinforces Dole’s brand position as the premium supplier of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables grown and delivered from around the world to your table at the peak of quality, freshness and taste.”

The new brand visuals have already begun to enter the marketplace for Dole’s fresh fruit and vegetable packaging and collateral materials. The brand update process will continue on a rolling basis as existing inventories expire and will complete in 2019.


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